The Ink and Paint Club: A Look at Illustration on Far Ends of the Spectrum

The Ink and Paint Club:  A Look at Illustration on Far Ends of the Spectrum

Out of all my influences, the ones that impacted me the most were also my earliest: Walt Disney and Norman Collins, aka “Sailor Jerry”. I grew up on Disney animation, obviously, didn’t we all? But the first tattoo I ever saw was my Uncle Ricky’s authentic pin-up girl, whom he named “Cherry”. She was topless, and I was six- it was a magical time. My Ma gave Uncle Ricky an earful for that one, but it had a lasting and profound effect on me- which remains, to this day.

I often try to find some way to combine these influences in my work. Whether it’s making a movie extra look a little more rough around the edges, or just restyling some of my all-time favorite characters- these two artists continue to shape my life. To most, it seems strange that such different illustrators would serve as a source of inspiration for me. There is a lot of overlap between the two, however. Their lives and styles have helped to shape the artist that I have become.

sailor jerryTo begin with, although it make not seem like it, these two men had a lot of similarities. They were both illustrators who achieved monumental success and worldwide recognition. Both men were hard workers, both led interesting lives, and both made a name for themselves by reinventing the industry that each belonged to. Walt Disney and Sailor Jerry’s names became synonymous with the fields that they worked in, and they drew their inspiration from all over the world. They led incredible lives, and managed to change future generations for years to come.

As far as artwork goes, very few modern and post-modern artists have achieved the level of status and success that these men achieved. It may not be the Mona Lisa, but neither man was going for great, classical work. Both Disney and Jerry wanted their art to be entertaining, fun, and something that people could love in their everyday lives. The style of Sailor Jerry tattoos continues to be a staple in the industry even today, and no man in the United States is known for doing more for the tattoo industry than he is. Not only did he create his inspired designs- made famous by the navy sailors who wore them, but he also revolutionized the tattoo industry. He expanded pigments and colors in a way that hadn’t been done before, and was the first to utilize sterilization methods such as single-use needles that have become industry standard today.

walt disneyWalt Disney may not have been a tattoo artist, but he also broke new ground in many respects. He was an entrepreneur, filmmaker, businessman, and cartoonist. Sure, cartoons were made before Disney burst onto the scene- and animals were often personified. Yet no man, before or since, has done more for the American animation industry. He was the innovator behind many animation techniques used today, as well as theme-park design. His characters were and continue to be so entertaining, they are tattooed as often as Sailor Jerry’s aloha monkey, or Japanese dragon. He turned drawing basic cartoons into a true art form, one that has inspired many, like myself, ever since.

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Why I Never Grew Up

Why I Never Grew Up

It seems pretty obvious, being a tattoo guy- that I never really grew up. I don’t hold a ‘real’ job, as my Pops would say, and most days I spend lounging in my chair. I don’t put on a uniform, I spend a good portion of my work hours just talking to random people, and of course, I draw a lot of cartoons. But it’s really all part of the gig- that’s what being a tattoo artist who specializes in cartoon tattoos entails, I suppose.

disney tattooIn particular, I tend to go for classic characters that are easily recognizable. What can I say? I’m a grown man who loves cartoons. And hey- it sure as hell beats drawing guns and gang symbols across people’s bodies. A tattoo should be something that you love well enough to take with you your entire life- too many people get tattoos in the moment, like they have something to prove, and end up regretting it later. I prefer to do work that’s comical, and enjoyable. I want my work to bring a smile to people’s faces. Not to mention, I’ve been watching and drawing cartoons all my life, so this career choice was more of a continuation of work I had already been doing.

I never really grew up, if you stop to think about it. My childhood love of cartoons just evolved into something else. So in reality, I never have to grow up, I just have to continue to love what I am doing. Nowadays, I do all kinds of work- I don’t just limit myself to Disney. I’ve also done characters from Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and DreamWorks, although Disney has always been my first love. Typically, artists such as myself, don’t do exact reproductions of cartoon characters, due to trademark and copyright issues. Therefore, I’ve had to expand my horizons in order to pay bills. However, for clients who have gotten special permission from these companies and their affiliates, I’m happy to deliver the best quality.

disney tattoo 002Also, I happen to work for Disney, which aids in the whole ‘not growing up’ thing. Specifically, I work in Studio Light and Magic, which does a lot of Disney’s live productions. I serve as a makeup artist, and are one of the many crews that get to work on actors and extras in films. It’s a lot like theatre work, and it gives me an opportunity to get really creative with people. Plus, when the makeup is done, the actors go out and do their thing, which leaves me and my crew free to roam the studio lots- encouraging my sense of adventure. It’s a blast, running around, drawing and painting. Then, when I’m not directly working for Disney, I’m being that rebellious tattoo artist my dad is still coming to terms with.

But really, with a job like mine, who needs to grow up? I certainly don’t. Instead, I get to spend my days hanging out with my favorite characters, while exploring movie magic and animation. It’s a blast, and I have a great time- that’s really what surviving as an adult is all about in the end.

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A New Look for Disney

A New Look for Disney

I recently caught a look at artist Emmanuel Viola’s Disney Princesses makeover, and fell in love all over again. Most guys won’t admit to finding female cartoon characters hot, but no one can deny that Disney has designed some pretty girls in the past. Viola has revamped their style to give them a modern, edgy look- leaving them only slightly reminiscent of their classic counterparts. These cartoon lady posters come complete with facial piercings and tattoos- an idea I can totally get behind.

The Ladies:

In his pieces, Emmanuel features many of the classic Disney Princesses, including Cinderella and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, as well as some more modern favorites, such as Belle and Jasmine. The ‘hipster Jasmine’ is my personal favorite, with her matching set piercings and blue-tipped dyed hair. All the cartoon women sport tattoos with unforgettable supporting characters from the movies, including: Chip, Flounder, Dopey, that tricky Glass Slipper, and the Genie. A whole new side to these classic characters is revealed. Each leading lady is drawn with pouty lips and bursting bosoms- leaving you feeling more like you’re sneaking a peak at your dad’s old pin-up magazines, rather than the heartfelt animations your mom used to let you watch.

hipster jasmineNot that I’m complaining. While there is nothing too risqué about these particular portraits, they definitely toe the line between naughty and nice. I was always a fan of mermaid Ariel, but she manages to flash some of her human legs in aquamarine daisy dukes, and seafoam thigh-high stockings. I much prefer Viola’s tough-girl rendition of Snow White, flashing a blue corset and an (awesome) poisoned apple tattoo, while sipping on some fresh apple juice. These 21st century girls come stock with gauges, beauty spots, and plenty of attitude, while still retaining the Disney nuance that made them the girls we know and love today.


Emmanuel’s recent work has become so popular, it inspired DesignCrowd to launch a contest for its users to find their own to grunge-out and hipsterize their favorite Disney characters. While these entries contain more moustaches, hats, and suspenders than I can to count, I do applaud the effort. I think it’s great to see how other people can reimagine the character we all know and love, in creative and exciting ways. I still respond to Viola’s digital graphic work though, as he and I share a similar sense of style. I’ve been a fan of his stuff for a while, as his renditions of celebrated characters take on a whole new life.

You check out his work sometime, when you have a free moment- you won’t be disappointed. Between a barely clad Mario Princess and Lara Croft, as well as a sexy Daenerys Targaryen, I’m sure you could easily find a favorite. Viola is still continuing his Disney work though, and his portraits also include a topless Buzz Lightyear (if you’re into that sort of thing), a gothic Maleficent, a frustrated Rapunzel, and even a brand new Elsa, from Frozen. This has inspired me to create a new collection- see what it does for you.

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Should You Buy Twitter Followers? Here’s Why You Should

Should You Buy Twitter Followers? Here’s Why You Should

I’ve been doing tattoos for the past three years and if there’s one I learned from the business, it is this: Unless if you’re a big brand like Disney (where I used to work as a cashier), it’s very difficult to make clients come to you. You often have to chase them. But thankfully a friend of mine who is making real good money on the Internet taught me a thing or two about making the Internet work for me.

One of the very first things that he taught me was to use my Twitter to account to attract more clients, and ordering me to buy Twitter followers. I was shocked by the idea at first, but over time I came to understand that there’s ever a reason for buying followers and no reason not to buy them.

Twitter an important platform for online communication and conversation. I use Twitter to publish my latest tattoo designs, and customer discounts. However, with only 50 followers at the time that I talked to my friend, I had a very limited customer base. I had to expand!

So, I bought a Twitter follower package. It wasn’t much at first. I only bought the package that sent 250 followers to my account. I didn’t expect much but I was surprised to have a new client from the package I bought. I learned later on that the company I bought the package form specialized in helping their clients create a stronger Twitter profile and grow their Twitter fan base, among others.

ffffAnyway, regardless of how many followers you have on Twitter, you can send additional fans, improve your social presence, and ensure your Tweets reaches more people by buying a Twitter follower package from a reputable company that actively seeks out real human followers. These guys do their magic by ranking different websites on top of Google and encouraging website visitors to follow them on their Twitter account. And then there are other ways that they do it.

There’s every reason to increase your followers. Remember that the more followers you have, the more people will think that you are reliable. Also, people are more likely to follow you if you already have a huge Twitter following.

How much does it cost to buy a package of Twitter followers? It really depends on the company and the quality of the followers you are buying. You should expect to pay more for real Twitter followers. (There are packages for fake, machine-generated profiles.) You can, however, buy a starter package for $1. We know it’s dirt cheap. For me, however, you only get what you pay for. In other words, try to search for packages that offer quality Twitter followers. I promise you, it’s worth the investment.

Right now, I’m still buying Twitter followers, but I’m very careful about who I buy it from. I always go for the company that guarantees real humans to follow me on my Twitter account.

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How Quitting My Job At Disney To Become A Tattoo Artist Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

How Quitting My Job At Disney To Become A Tattoo Artist Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

I used to work at Disney World It was a fun gig, but I was in the mood for a change. I found that as much as I loved Disney when I first began I didn’t afterwords. One of the things that really bothered me was the anti-piercing and body modification policies that they had.

When I quite working at Disney I decided that I was going to do what I wanted with my body, I was going to decorate myself in ways that they would never have allowed. This led to me doing a lot of research on tattoos and body modification before I was willing to trust someone with my skin. During this time I was also looking for a new career.

After I get a few tattoos I decided that I wanted to become a tattoo artist. However I know in the area I lived I was still known for working at Disney. I found myself getting tired of people acting shocked at my new profession and decided to move to a new place. After a lot of search a settled on living in Canada, land of great healthcare, rad tats, and amazing body modifications.

After some more searching online I found myself looking at Toronto houses for sale. I settled on looking through Toronto real estate from . They got me a great place and I was finally able to start living out my dreams.
Those who have tattoos and body mods will be familiar with the urge to get more ink. I found that once I was apprenticing, I had the urge to get more ink myself. Some of my worst tattoos on my body are from this time period. It turns out there is a reason you practice tattooing on skins and other non-human objects before starting to tattoo.

I know almost every apprentice has tattooed themselves. Thankfully this is also good practice for cover-up work. I still find myself working on new cover-ups as my skills continue to grow. This really excites me because I always thought of tattoos as so static before becoming an artist.

I really want customers to know that people who tattoo for a living likely love getting tattoos as much as they do. What we really love though, is creating the art that goes onto your skin. When I finally did my first live tattoo I was shocked at how proud I felt. The joy of the woman getting her tattoo was nothing compared to the pride I found deep within myself.

I could never have imagined that looking for Toronto houses for sale would have led me to my dream calling. I think it’s kind of funny that in moving away from everything I ever knew I found myself.

Today tattooing is my passion. I even tattoo Disney characters sometimes. So far my customers love it when I talk about working in the parks before I switched jobs. I think because of my past I am able to put a little more magic into the ink I work with as well.

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Tattoo Designers Can Contact Clients Online

Tattoo Designers Can Contact Clients Online

It’s always smart for people to explore the ways how their tattoos are going to look appealing and intriguing. Tattoo designers can work with today’s clients to help with handling an assortment of different types of plans dedicated to handling the ways how a tattoo can work.

There are many great things that can be explored when it comes to getting tattoo designs managed through an online chat setup. All of these points may be discussed with regards to getting a quality tattoo ready as needed:

• People can talk about the ideas that they want to work with when it comes to getting their tattoos designed the right way.
• People can also take a look at the sketches and designs that may be used when getting tattoos ready as needed. These sketches don’t always have to be made in color but they should be good enough to give people ideas on what to expect out of getting a quality tattoo ready for use.
• Many ideas can also be prepared with regards to the positioning of the tattoo on the body. Different comparisons may be used to help with handling ideas on where the tattoo is to go so it will look great and stay that way for years to come.

The online contacts that may be used between tattoo designers and their clients can come in many forms. These are designed with the intention of allowing all people to take a look at what’s around for many general needs people often hold:

• Some traditional chat functions may be used. This is particularly for the preliminary stages when the concepts for a tattoo are to be discussed.
• Video chat features may also be added a little later on down the line. These include many video chat programs that work with Skype controls in mind among many others.
• Sometimes a
remote desktop connection
over Internet that might be ideal for a few cases where people want to have more thorough discussions on things like where the tattoo should be placed and even how to pay for the entire procedure.

All of these considerations are going to be suitable for many demands and it can really work wonders for all to have. These considerations can allow people to get in touch with others and can really help everyone to stay on the same page as needed. This is one of the beset things for anyone to take a look at with regards to just what’s around when getting quality tattoos ready.

Tattoo designers can do quite a few things these days when it comes to getting different types of tattoos designed and made ready for whatever it is one wants to get out of them. The best designs can be perfect for anyone but they can only work if they are discussed and planned ahead of time online. It makes for a very sensible consideration to explore when it comes to getting a grip on figuring out how a tattoo is to look as needed.

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Designing a Tattoo On a Computer Can Work Well

tattoo design softwareA great design program can be used when it comes to getting a tattoo designed before the ink can be added to one’s skin. If you are trying to get a good tattoo for any purpose then you need to take a careful look at what you can get out of the tattoo that you are trying to get. This includes knowing how it’s going to be designed.

In particular, a design program can do the following. These are all done with the intention of ensuring that whatever you are trying to design can be created the right way and used with a sensible arrangement that is not going to be all that convoluted or difficult for you to manage at any given point:

• It can help to create a rough design of what a tattoo will look like based on the curves and other features that you are trying to work with at a certain time.
• It can also simulate the tattoo’s appearance based on how the skin moves and bends.
• Details on how the tattoo might look like in a variety of different lights can also be listed through a program like this.

A great program can really be sensible for those who want to learn more about what they will expect to get out of their tattoos as desired. Great tattoo design programs can be perfect as they will ensure that a good type of arrangement will be ready before the tattoo is actually applied. It’s important to see this when the design of the tattoo is considered. After all, a tattoo is a great emotional, physical and financial investment for all to explore.

tattoos on armIn fact, you can use a program like this to review tattoos on your own in many forms. These are designed to cover every aspect of whatever tattoo it is that you are trying to manage and use in any general form that may come about:

• You can take a look at how a tattoo might look like on various parts of your body.
• You can also re-size your tattoo and position it on different angles around your body. This can be done to help you figure out what you want to get out of the tattoo that you are trying to utilize.
• There are even times when you might feel that the tattoo you want to get will come with a different design when compared with whatever it is you might have thought about having in the first place.

If fact, these programs can be found on practically any operating system these days. If you see a MacKeeper review then you can read for yourself that such a program can be used quickly and with care to give you a bit of support that you might desire for keeping your checks running as needed.

Remember, a great computer program needs to help you out when you’re going to get anything to look great on your body. A good program will give you a better idea of what you can expect out of a great program, thus giving you more help for whatever it is you might desire at a given time in your tattoo.

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Can Your Tattoos Look Better If You Lose Weight?

Can Your Tattoos Look Better If You Lose Weight?

One of the biggest issues that many people have with their tattoos is that they will look rather unusual if they don’t take care of their bodies. In particular, it is rather easy for anyone to gain weight with age. The body’s metabolic functions aren’t able to run as well as usual after a while, thus making it harder for anyone to lose weight.

This can be rather bothersome for those with tattoos. If a person becomes overweight then it will be rather easy for a tattoo on any part of one’s body to look unusual. It can cause many problems:

• Weight gain can cause a tattoo to stretch out in some cases. That is, the artistic flourishes or text features of a tattoo might end up stretching out to some spots.
• The quality of the ink may be ruined in some cases. Fat gain can cause the ink particles to separate from one another. This can especially be problematic for women who gain weight during a pregnancy but anyone could experience this problem.
• Colors in a tattoo might also fade out. This is especially if the tattoo stretches out too far.

In most cases people get their tattoos before they start to gain weight. They know that these tattoos will make their bodies look more attractive. Still, there are often times when weight gain will become inevitable due to aging, injury or other commonplace considerations in one’s life.

Naturally, the best thing for people to do in order to make their tattoos look better is to lose weight. This is a sensible and easy to understand pointer but the problem is that sometimes weight loss is not good enough with regards to what can be done in order to fix issues with a tattoo.

tattooed womanTattoos can look better after a while but there are a few pointers to think about:

• People who lose a few pounds on average will not have to worry about dealing with substantial changes to their tattoos. This is because of the lack of stress on the area that the tattoo is located on.
• Larger amounts of weight loss will impact tattoos that are highly detailed because of the skin starting to compress over time. Tattoos that are not all that detailed will not bear with this issue.
• Those who experience dramatic weight loss in a short period of time will typically dealt with the biggest problems. People who lose weight either due to an illness or bariatric surgery will typically deal with sagging skin on various parts of their bodies.

People who lose weight with traditional diets may not have to worry about their tattoos wearing out. For instance, people who use Nutrisystem coupons from will not be at risk of their tattoos looking worse because they will lose weight in a gentle manner.

Overall, tattoos that might have been acquired before gaining weight can look awkward after all those extra pounds come onto one’s body. However, tattoos can look better after losing weight. Still, it is critical to watch for how the body is able to lose all that weight over an extended period of time.

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People Love To Show Off Their Tattoos On Instagram

People Love To Show Off Their Tattoos On Instagram

Have you ever taken a look at some of those amazing Disney tattoos that people often get? No matter where they are on one’s body or what types of characters they might feature, these tattoos can really be good crowd-pleasers.

Many people will go to social media sites to showcase those tattoos. Instagram is one such place that people will show off those tattoos at. This site hosts all sorts of tattoo pictures including ones that feature some of the most appealing Disney characters and symbols around.

Instagram is a popular social media site that places a strong emphasis on pictures above else. People often post shots of their lives onto Instagram. Businesses also use it to highlight products or to buy followers on Instagram as needed. This is an amazing place for people to show off their Disney tattoos at thanks to many big factors.

It’s Easier To Show Off Stuff

What good is talking about a new tattoo you have if you don’t have pictures to back it up? You can get on Instagram to post pictures of your tattoos for all to check out. You just have to go on the site and then upload a picture you took with your smartphone, tablet or other digital camera that you can link onto your computer. It’s not all that hard for you to get a picture onto Instagram.

You Can Easily Write Descriptions

instagram-tattooYou can quickly get a description of your tattoo onto the side of your Instagram post as well. You can always post a text description of what your tattoo features, where it is on your body and why you opted to get this particular tattoo. You can say anything you want on this part of your Instagram site. If you explain your tattoo well enough to anyone then you’ll certainly prove to people just why it is so important to you.

Tattoo Artists Can Show Their Work Too

Many tattoo artists that create these tattoos can also get permission from the people who receive them to have these fine works of body art posted onto their Instagram pages. Tattoo artists will often post images of their work onto Instagram to show off their skills and explain how they get the job done.

Some tattoo artists can also buy followers on Instagram because if they worked well enough to buy followers on Instagram then they would have a rather easy time with marketing themselves. They’ll easily show just how versatile their work can be and how they will cater to the whims of anyone who is looking to get some fine tattoos. Of course, the work that these people do will often speak for itself.

Disney tattoos can so amazing and personal that they are things that are worth sharing with others. Instagram makes it very easy for people to show off their unique Disney tattoos and to explain just why they are so interested in having them. This is a truly fascinating point that is worth exploring in any case no matter what type of Disney tattoo one wants to show off to the rest of the world.

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